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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few of my new favorite things!

So, I've been bad.  I have a few new favorite things to report on.  I went to Coach, Sephora, American Eagle, and more.  I was at King Of Prussia mall yesterday and stopped in Coach cause I have no self control, and came across the CUTEST bag!  It's a travel bag and it can be used as a lunch bag.  I've been taking my lunch to work for the last month or two and it's a great way to save money.  I couldn't help myself!

You can find it on on their travel tab and it's called new poppy print cosmetics case.

I'm in love with this tank top from American Eagle and their jeggings--jeggings are super in right now and they're incredibly comfy!  The shirt is actually on sale now, too.  I believe the jeans are on sale or promotion also at stores and

I love this kit I got at Sephora from Benefit.  It's called Sunday Funday!  It includes Benetint, a lipgloss, 4 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, hoola bronzer, and applicator brushes.  I think it's sold out of stores, but you can get it at

Another cosmetic item I'm loving right now is my new Maybelline Falsies mascara!  Makes eyelashes look super lush and long, and it's waterproof so great for outdoor picnics!
This product is available at drugstores and can be viewed on

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