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Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

For my review, I'll be looking at a few things:

  • First Impressions
  • How closely (I feel) it did what it claimed/how well it met the description
  • Color range/selection and pigmentation (if applicable) 
  • How well this product met my expectations
  • Overall thoughts on the product
I'll be grading the product using A, B, C, D, F--A being amazing and F being fail.

Let's get started!

So I'm reviewing the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush.  I have one color--Orchid Hush.  I believe it's the lightest color; it's a pale lavendar/pink. 

  • First Impressions:
    • I didn't know what to expect because I was wondering how the blush was going to feel.  It felt almost creamy, but not quite.  Definitely unlike any product I've used before.  I was excited to see it bounce--which it didn't.  Basically, when you press your finger into it, it just stays pressed down.  This concerned me because I wonder how long the product will last.  
    • When I first applied the color, I was expecting a little more pigmentation than I got, which was disappointing.
    • Having said that, when I used it again and again and got the hang of it, I liked the finish I got.
    • Also, you do have to use quite a bit of the product to get the desired pigmentation.  
      • Grade: C-

  • How closely (I feel) it did what it claimed/how well it met the description:
    • Maybelline describes this product as a "Revolutionary gel formula provides a new bouncy texture."  It didn't seem to bouce for me, and I've heard other people say the same thing.
    • They also describe it as a "Lightweight like a powder, yet melts seamlessly into skin like a cream" and a "Natural sheer wash of color that is buildable for greater color intensity."  I agree with these two claims.  It  is sheer and buildable.  It definitely is lightweight and melts into your skin, leaving a powdery finish.
      • Grade: B

  • Color range/selection and pigmentation (if applicable):
    • They have a good color selection.  There are lighter colors, like the one I purchased, and deeper colors.  Their website says there are 10 shades. Click to View Shades.  I don't think the shades on the Maybelline site look true to the way they look in person, but it still gives you an idea.  Here are the names of the shades: Rose Petal, Pink Plum, Plum Wine, Peach Satin, Pink Frosting, Fresh Pink, Coffee Cake, Candy Coral, Orchid Hush and Hot Tamale.
    • The pigmentation isn't great, but it does say this product is a "natural sheer wash of color," so I dunno what to say.  Since this grade is based on pigmentation and color range only I will have to say it doesn't have great pigmentation.  
      • Grade: C
  • How well this product met my expectations:
    • I expected things I didn't get and I got things I didn't expect from this product.  I was expecting it to bounce and that didn't happen.  But, it is true to it's claim that it provides a sheer wash of color with a powdery finish.  
      • Grade: C+
  • Overall thoughts on the product:
    • Overall, I like this product.  I like the colors and the finish it leaves on my skin.  And, even though I've heard people complain it doesn't last all day, I find that mine does stay on all day.  My only concern, based on the size of this product and how much product you have to use to achieve a noticable color is how long will this product last before it's gone?  Plus, I wish it really bounced.  
      • Grade: B-

My final grade for this product is a B- because I like this product and I am intersted in trying another color.  I like the way it wears on my skin, and hopefully it won't get used up too quickly.  I just feel the name might be a little misleading.  I almost wish they called it something else just so users wouldn't assume it bounces back up after used because, not being aware of this, you use more of the product until you get the hang of it.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Maybelline Line Express Eye Liner

So, I've had this eyeliner for about a year and I've used it before, but I never noticed how great it was until now.

It's the Maybelline Line Express Eye Liner.  The color I have is Ebony Black. 

Click to visit Maybelline's website!

So why am I so blown away by this product?  It stayed on all day!

It's not listed as being a long-wearing eye liner, but it definitely showed me staying power.  I will also note that, as always, I was wearing eye primer with this product.  One way I know it wasn't just the primer working its magic is because I went to "freshen up" my eye liner (even though it wasn't worn off--I just wanted to boost it a little as it gently faded) and I had a different pencil with me so used that.  Well, by the time I got home from work there were eye liner smudges around my eyes.  The pencil I freshened up with was gray and the Maybelline one is black, so since the smudges were gray and not black, I know the Maybelline one was not smudged on my face.  Also, I've worn it since and have expereinced no smudging!

This product is not self-sharpening, but does come with a smudge-tip to blend out your liner. 

I will soon be posting on other drugstore products including more Maybelline.

8 ways to Detox

I came across this article on Shape Magazine's website.  

If you're interested in ways to detox your body, Click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So, how many of you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  "Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes."
--(Description found on website).

I love it!  It's similar to a vision board except it's virtual. :)

Click to check it out:

Click to visit my page: Visit my Pinterest Page

Here are some 'pins' found on my page:

Get your (Health) Freak On

2012: A Healthy Year

It's not an official resolution, but I've decided I'm definitely going to try and eat healthier this year.  I'm not trying to lose weight, I just want to feel good.  I've noticed how my stomach reacts to certain foods and drinks and I don't like it.  :(

For me, cutting back on soda is the hardest part.  It's the one really unhealthy thing I consume regularly.  And, of course, when you're eating unhealthy foods like pizza, onion rings and chips, soda seems like a natural companion...well, at least for me it does.  So, by staying away from unhealthy foods or cutting way back on them, I will be less tempted to grab a soda.

One thing I've been doing is taking foods which might not be as healthy and putting a healthy twist on them.  For this, I love Hungry Girl.  Her website has "food swaps" which take something like onion rings and shows you how to make a healthier version yourself.  The recipes are easy and yummy.

Click to check out Hungry Girl

Another thing I've been doing is trying to pack a healthy lunch.  I bring my lunch to work anyway because there aren't takeout/fast food places around, but I've been trying to make sure the food I'm bringing is going to get me through the day and taste good.  No one wants to eat something that tastes like cardboard.

I also opt for healthy options of maybe-not-so-healthy things.  Like, for instance, lately I've been having an english muffin with my breakfast.  I will buy the multi-grain ones instead of the regular ones, and I do the same with my tortilla wraps--I get whole wheat.

I always have fruit with my breakfast and/or lunch.  Usually I'll have a yogurt as well.  I really like Activia's yogurts.  Simple things like incorporating fruit into your diet can make a difference.

One of my favorite "treats" are the Skinny Cow candy bars!  They are called Heavenly Crisps, and I love the peanut butter ones.  They are so delicious and only 110 calories.  I'm not a huge sweets person, but these are a nice ending to a meal.  Click here to experience Skinny Cow .

It's amazing to me how much better I feel when I eat healthier, so I'm definitely hoping to stick to it!