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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MJK beauty blog Entry 2: Beauty for less

Hi everyone!  Here are some ideas for enjoying the luxury of beauty without spending a lot (and in some cases, nothing at all).

1. Suggest a swap with friends.  We did this at my work.  Me and Bri do a nailpolish swap.  Chances are one of your friends owns a nailpolish you'd love to wear and vice versa.  Instead of buying the color, just have a swap.  Borrow the color and let her borrow yours.  This way you get a color you love and you don't have to spend any money. 

2. Get a cheap "manicure" or "pedicure".  I read in Cosmo (and I've noticed this while at the nail salon myself) that when you just go in for a polish change the cost drops.  Usually you end up paying $5 for a "manicure" and $10 for a "pedicure".  Or you can inquire about specials, too.

3. DIY.  Give yourself a mani/pedi.  You can buy a bath bomb (via Lush :) and use it as a foot/hand soak.  Then file and exfoliate.  You can buy a pumice pretty cheap and you'll use it more than once.  Also, a nail buffer can usually be purchased for $2 or so, and you'll use it for months.  You can also refer to the first option and do a swap with a friend to avoid spending money on a new polish.

4. Have a makeup exchange.  Just like the nail polish swap, you'll save yourself some money.  Amongst your group of friends, have someone host a makeup exchange and bring all your unused makeup or fairly fresh makeup that you don't wear anymore.  Obviously mascara probably shouldn't be included but other things such as pigments, blushes, glosses, and polishes are a great idea.  I know there are proper ways to sanitize makeup, so you can google it if you need to.

5. Inquire about sales.  Ask your favorite stores if they're having an upcoming sale or check online to see if they're offering things like free shipping or discounts. 

6. Check out value sets.  Usually around the holiday season brands will have sets with multiples of items such as lipglosses, eyeliners, etc.  You and a friend or two can find sets you like and split the items.  This way you only get the colors you want, and you're splitting the cost.

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