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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MJK Beauty Blog Entry 3

Hi everyone!  Here are a few of my beauty essentials.

1. Concealer: A good concealer can make you look awake when you've only had 2 hours of sleep.
Some of my favorites include Lush's color supplements and MAC's prolongwear concealer.  I like Lush's color supplement because it's very natural looking and blends well.  MAC's prolongwear has excellent coverage!  It stays on all day!  I rarely break out (I know, what a bitch), so I usually just use concealer under my eyes...I get bad undereye circles.  Which brings me to my next essential...

2. Highlighter/undereye brightener: This may be my biggest must have!  I love a nice glow on the cheeks and love using a brightener under the eyes.  Two of my favorites are Photo op by Smashbox (for under the eyes) and High Beam by benefit.  I really like Lorac's Double Feature, which is a double ended eye product with one end as concealer and one end as highlighter.  You can also use a shimmery eye shadow which is close to your skin tone on the tear duct area of the eye.  It opens up and brightens the eye area.

3. Lipgloss: The main reason I love lipgloss is because I get dry lips.  I talk alot, so it's probably a side effect of that.  There's really not much to say here, although I do have a few favorites.  I enjoy MAC's cremesheen and dazzleglass cremes as well as Tarte's liplglosses and NARS lipglosses.  These are all non-sticky.  The key to a good lipgloss is it's texture. 

4. Mascara: I think a good mascara can also help you look more awake.  It helps open up your eyes.  There are plenty of great brands out there, but I think drugstore mascara's are a great find.  I really don't see much difference between higher end ones and brands like covergirl.  I'm not saying there isn't any difference, but in my opinion it's not worth the splurge.  In my opinion, money is better spend on concealers. 

5. Flat Iron: I would be LOST without my flat iron!  Is that wrong?  Oh well.  Flat irons in my opinion are essential because they keep my hair from looking frizzy.  I know lots of people who have pretty straight hair but use a flat iron to keep their hair smooth.

Save vs. Spurlge

When it comes to beauty products and hair products there is always a question of what is worth the money.  Here's where I stand on some beauty and hair products:

Mascara: Save.  I highly recommend drugstore brands.

Flat irons: Splurge.  A good flat iron will make your life so much easier.  I find many drugstore flat irons to not work quite as well.

Concealer: Splurge.  I don't mean I think you should spend a lot on concealer but definitely find the
right one and in this case if it happens to be one at Sephora, I think it's worth the splurge.  If you're looking for a non-drugstore one that's affordable and works well I'd go with Lush's color supplements.  It's also a great foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Foundation: This is a toss up.  I've found good ones both in drugstore and Sephora.  The great thing about place like Sephora is that you can try the colors on and get the right shade.  I've also found some good ones at drugstores...but it's not the best way to get the best shade. 

Lipgloss: Generally save.  I think lipglosses are definitely something worth saving on.  The only problem is at drugstores you can't try them on and see how you like the color or to make sure it's not sticky.

--Until next time

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