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Friday, January 20, 2012

Maybelline Line Express Eye Liner

So, I've had this eyeliner for about a year and I've used it before, but I never noticed how great it was until now.

It's the Maybelline Line Express Eye Liner.  The color I have is Ebony Black. 

Click to visit Maybelline's website!

So why am I so blown away by this product?  It stayed on all day!

It's not listed as being a long-wearing eye liner, but it definitely showed me staying power.  I will also note that, as always, I was wearing eye primer with this product.  One way I know it wasn't just the primer working its magic is because I went to "freshen up" my eye liner (even though it wasn't worn off--I just wanted to boost it a little as it gently faded) and I had a different pencil with me so used that.  Well, by the time I got home from work there were eye liner smudges around my eyes.  The pencil I freshened up with was gray and the Maybelline one is black, so since the smudges were gray and not black, I know the Maybelline one was not smudged on my face.  Also, I've worn it since and have expereinced no smudging!

This product is not self-sharpening, but does come with a smudge-tip to blend out your liner. 

I will soon be posting on other drugstore products including more Maybelline.

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