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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revlon Color Stay Eye Creme Gel Liner and Shadows

Recently I decided to try some of the new Revlon Color Stay eye products, including the liner and eyeshadow quads.

Revlon Color Stay Creme Gel Eye Liner

I picked up the Color Stay Creme Gel Eye Liner in the color charcoal.  Not having previous expectations, I thought I would try it and just see how it worked.  I've been nothing but pleased with the product!  It really does stay on all day!  The pigmentation is great.  It's easy to apply and comes with an applicator in the top.  (See photo below).  It doesn't tug or pull and it dries nicely.  I would absolutely recommend this product.  It's a great long-wearing eye liner, especially if you're looking for a drugstore one.

Other Information:
  • This product is waterproof
  • Instructions: 
    • Pull out brush and flip to secure into cap. Twist off cap and dip brush into crème gel eye liner. Glide brush in small strokes across lash line. Close tightly after use.
  • I couldn't find my receipt, but I believe it was between $9 and $10 at Walgreens.

 Revlon Color Stay 16 Hour Eye Shadow

"All day luxurious color that doesn't crease, fade or smudge" is how Revlon describes these shadows.

There are 16 quads to choose from, most of which are neutral colors.  There are a few quads with brighter colors.  Overall, I think there's a good variety to choose from because most people tend to wear more neutral colors day-to-day.  If you're looking for more color, they do have some options.

As I mentioned above, they are quads, so they come with four shades.  The sizes of shades range.  There are two larger ones and two smaller ones.  I read that Revlon did this because they did research on colors people wore most, and that's how they decided which shades would be bigger.

The first quad I tried was one of the bright ones-- I decided to step out of my comfort zone.  It's called Inspired (See photo below).  The thing that drew me in was the lighter bright green shade (large shadow, bottom left).

Honestly, I love the colors, especially the green, but the shadow felt a little chalky.  I wouldn't say it was too chalky, but definitely noticeable.  Having said that, they wear beautifully.  It was easy to apply.  I didn't notice much fallout--only minimal amounts.  While I wouldn't say it's the best shadow I've ever tried, it's definitely a good one.  If it felt a little less chalky I would give it an 'A'.  Oh, but they do last all day.  Yes, I use a base with them, but regardless of whether a shadow is long-wearing or not, I always wear a base.  I've worn a base with other shadows and they didn't last all day, so I believe I can conclude the shadows still live up to their claim.  The pigmentation strength varies color to color.  From my experience, there is a decent level of pigmentation, but with Inspired, the green and greenish-blue color weren't as pigmented as they look in the pan.

I've also tried three more quads: Brazen, Bombshell and either Attitude or Addictive (if you look at photos you'll see they're so similar and I don't have it in front of me so it's hard to remember).  I love them!  Bombshell is so unique because of the yellow mixed with grays...but it's such a popular combination for spring.  I decided to try it out because I've never seen a quad like it before.  I really like it, so I'm glad I did.

The colors look velvety on the lids.  It looked like the shadow was airbrushed on.  I'm happy with these quads.

  • These retail for around $7.50 per quad

Visit Revlon 's website for more information and shades.

**I usually either have a coupon and/or there's a buy one, get one half sale going on, so I didn't pay full price for these.

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