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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Afternoon shopping with the boyfriend

Obviously I was thrilled when my boyfriend Colin asked me to go shopping for shorts with him. He was prepared to check out Walmart first but his brother mentioned how he found great deals at Kohl's, so we went there.

Ok, I love Kohl's. They have cute things and they aren't expensive. He found a bunch of shorts that were under $20 each. I approved of all pairs. So, I had to check out some things for myself as well. I got this super cute pinstripe vest and it was on sale for under $14! It's great cause I can wear it out and can wear it to work. Then I got this really cute pair of sandals for $10. They are gold or bronze and the thong part is a blue color. I also got a white button down top for work. The last thing I got is something I was hoping to try out this summer-- it's a romper. It's a cute floral romper and the top half is sleeveless. I asked Colin if it looked good and he said yes, and I trust his opinion-- afterall, he did pick me. Lol.

So we both ended up spending just around $50 for everything we got (mine was slightly less and our purchases were seperate). I definitely recommend Kohl's for afforable summer clothes shopping.

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