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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blame it on the boyfriend

So I was at the mall with my boyfriend, intending to behave, and we went into Old Navy so he could check out swim shorts. Well, he egged me on and encouraged me to look for bikinis and pursuaded me to buy a cute jacket which I really didn't need. Clearly this is all his fault.

In both of our defense, Old Navy was having a MASSIVE sale-- 30 % off whole store! I did get 2 bikinis and a pair of yellow flip flops to match (seriously the flip flops were $2). Then I got 2 white shirts for work, an incredibly comfy pair of linen pants, and a jacket which my boyfriend convinced me to get. It is really cute though. No single item was over $14 so that's pretty good. He got some shorts, a polo shirt and 2 hoodies...and a pair of flip flops too.

Note to self: do not go shopping with the boyfriend, he is a bad influence (lol).

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