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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burmese Beauty/Humid MAC eye shadows

Hey everyone!  So I got a lot of compliments on this particular eye look.  I used the Burmese Beauty quad and the single color Humid from MAC. 

Here's what I did:

First I put down the green color from my Revlon Moonlit Jewels cream eyeshadow quad.  Then, I put Humid (a darkish green color) all over the lid up to the crease. See Photo.

The green color is the one I used as a base.

The above photo is just of the base.

The above color is Humid by MAC.  I got it from the To The Beach collection, but it is a permenant color.

Then I took a blending brush and blended the color burmese beauty (a green/red/brown mix color) into the crease and slightly above. 

Then I mixed the two ligher colors together for the highlight color.

I then took my 219 pencil brush by MAC and used showstopper (the brown color) in the outer corner and underneath the eye to use as a liner.  See Photos.

Then I blended anything that needed to be blended. 

Here are some photos of the finished product:

**Burmese Beauty is a limited edition palette!

Here are the names of the colors in the Burmese Beauty quad:
Prized, Burmese Beauty, Skintone 2, Showstopper --The two lighter colors are Prized and Skintone 2.  The darkest color is Showstopper and the greenish color is Burmese Beauty.

Here's some more info on the palette from

Prized is a soft nude beige with pale white micro-shimmer with a satin finish.

Skintone 2 is a slightly neutralized gold with a frost finish. It’s not a cool-toned gold, but it doesn’t have really strong yellow undertones either.

Burmese Beauty is a duochrome of teal and red-based deep brown with a lustre finish. This is very much like Blue Brown pigment except less intense (the brown base isn’t as strong, nor is the metallic finish). It’s a lighter, more pigmented version of Club eyeshadow as well.

Showstopper is a dirty, cool-toned dark matte brown. It works well when used with a brush in actual application, while it doesn’t swatch very well. 

Check out their swatches:

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