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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marie Claire Magazine

So, I basically just wanted to talk a little about a magazine I love right now--Marie Claire.  I love all the beauty articles and features and I like their non-beauty related articles as well. 

I recently got the October issue with Katie Holmes on the cover.  The first thing I absolutely love is their mini book inside.  It's called Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z.  It's great because it features trends from letters A to Z and I love stuff like this. 

This month also features a piece on eye liner and how to work with different ones.  They talk about creams, liquids, pencils.  They have tips and pointers. 

I just love all of their beauty artices and features!  They feature higher end brands like MAC and drugstore brands like Covergirl in magazine, so everyone can find something pretty that they can afford. 

I also really love their Career section called The Careerist.  There's something new they touch on each month and I get a lot out of it. 

Just a note, I am in no way being asked to blog about the magazine.  I just wanted to share my fondness :)

So, check it out.  Here's a link to the website and the new issue is available now!

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