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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forever 21 and MAC

I was super excited to discover one of the Hello Kitty by MAC quads at my local Cosmetic Company Outlet when I was there shopping with my friend Ariane from work!  It was the Lucky Tom one and the colors were gorgeous!  The colors are creme royal, paradisco, stylin', and lucky tom. 
The price was $26 which more than $10 less than it originally sold for.  I absolutely love it!  It's gorgeous!

Then I got a brush set which contained 5 brushes.  One of them is the 219 brush which I've been wanting badly.  I was going to wait and ask for it for Christmas, but luckily it was one of the brushes in this set which was $34!  I also got a mineralized blush in the color two virtues, a pink and purple color.

Then we went to Forever 21.  I hadn't been to one in a while, but they had some cute things.  I got a black sweaterdress, a knit cardigan-type shirt, two scarves, and two necklaces.  The total was $50!

Here is a link to their website:

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