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Friday, September 24, 2010

MAC Review blog :)

Hey people!  So this is going to be a review blog.  I was going to do a video but haven't had time to get one up :( 

Sooo, here we go!

The first product I want to review is MAC haute & naughty lash mascara.  Ok so this is the one with the two mascara wands.  One has pink at the end of the wand and the other has purple.  The color of the mascara is black.  I kinda really love this!  I'm still very happy with my voluminous macara by loreal, but this is such a great product.  It gives real drama to the lashes and defines them well.  I love it!

The next product I want to review is the 194 concealer brush by MAC.  I do like this.  It blends nicely.  I'm not obsessed with it, but I use it daily and it does the job well.  I like that it gets in small spaces to blend the concealer. 

Next is my kit from Nordstroms from the MAC counter which contained 4 products.  A reminder on those--prep + prime lash, zoom lash mascara, graphblack technakohl liner, and a mini eye makeup remover.  So I guess I'll start with the prep + prime.  This is a great prodcut.  I don't have long, lush lashes so I need this.  It gives a great base for the mascara to go onto.  Next, the zoomlash--I haven't really been using this since I just recently bought the haute & naughty.  I haven't opened it cause I don't want it to try out.  However, I used it before in the store and I used my mom's the other day (she got the same kit I did) and I was happy with the results.  It gave great length.  I really like the technakohl liner.  It stayed on.  It wasn't too creamy that it ran, and it was easy to work with.  The eye makeup remover--I do like this but I have dry skin and the eye area is no exception, so I will probably stick to my ultrabland or 9 to 5 by Lush.  For me they just do a little more for my dry eye area.  It removed makeup just fine, though.  And my mom really likes hers.  She has oilier skin than I do.

Last is the Pro Longwear concealer--I forget what color I am, but I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this product!  I work hard at covering undereye circles and this product does all the work for you.  It stays on just like it says it does and really covers up my circles.  I looooove it!  I shall not cheat on my color supplement from Lush, though.  I still use that for anything else I need to cover up. 

So, that's my little review blog.  I hope you enjoy.  Sorry I don't have time to put up a video. 


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